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Time does not wait for anyone — this is an essential truth. …

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Liar’s poker is as much about the roaring 80s bond market as it is about Michael Lewis’ coming of age. In this fast-paced thriller, Lewis gives you his first-hand account of a volatile time of fast money and big bets; a time where a 25 year old could easily find themselves with a few hundred thousand in the bank if they were in the right place at the right time. …

Is folly an unavoidable & endemic human condition?

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  • Author goes through several examples in history where, despite the existence of copious amounts of information available to participants, they obstinately continue down the path of folly and self-immolation.
  • Interesting examples such as the depredations of the Renaissance Popes, the Vietnam War, & The American Revolution (amongst others) provide for a compelling examination of the conditions that precipitated those events. …

History is a curious thing. Lest we forget the past, we are doomed to repeat our most tragic mistakes. …

Let’s face it, by now each and every one of us are inveterate fans of Michael Lewis. It is his passion for story-telling, his ability to roll drama and reality into a relishing read, and his unique capability to turn the driest (sometimes) stories into thrilling page-turners. …

When we think of the great American success story, we think of today’s contemporaries — the Steve Jobs’, Mark Zuckerberg’s, and the Jeff Bezos’ of the tech community. …

The Hellenes & History — an inextricable coupling.

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Imagine for a second that you have witnessed a great battle and you happen to be a one of a few in the world who have the capability write down what you saw. …

Success is oftentimes measured by the initial time a person achieves their life-long goal. But, is this “success” a result of directed work and intelligent decision-making or a fluke result of a combination of unknown factors? The truth, I think for most people, lies somewhere in between.

With this in mind, success can be measured in another way — namely, the ratio of successes to attempts. Let’s call this our success quotient. If we really wanted to be the most that we could possibly be then our goal would be to maximize our success quotient over an extended period of time. …

If you want to achieve anything — material or otherwise — you have to set a routine. Your routine is your core transport to success. Remember that.

Every successful individual gives themselves a routine they can fall into. If you want proof of this, I highly recommend reading about the most successful people you’ve ever heard of (think Julius Caesar, Mark Cuban, etc.).

Routines give you sustainability and exactitude to your day. …

I have been putting a lot of things off for a while. Reading and writing, the two most quintessential things to growth and self-realization, unfortunately top my list.

With that in mind, I felt a good beginning would be to begin archiving my long and drawn out thoughts in the bowels of the internet. Let’s see how this comes along.


Achintya Ashok

Engineer, Entrepreneur, & Occasional Writer.

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