Let’s get Social! But where to start?

With a society plagued with different social media outlets, it can seem a little overwhelming for some people. That is why it is important to comprehend what each social media tool is used for and what types of people can benefit from each.

Instagram, for example, is a great application for photography lovers and anyone interested in sharing a piece of their life through photos. This application requires little words to be used, as a caption is completely optional, and merely a photo can be uploading. Photos are worth a thousand words so in many cases, it is a smarter, wiser, and more concise option for people interested in sharing their feelings, thoughts, and adventures.

YouTube is another great social media outlet target for anyone that is interested in video content. It’s great for anyone that is interested in creating videos that are perhaps long and informative, or short and funny. It doesn’t matter the options are endless. You can upload a video of yourself singing or a full-length movie that you created with your friends. It can require hours of editing before it is ready to be published or a simple click of a button. It is also a great tool for people who are just interested in having a great laugh, such as funny cat videos, or who are interested in learning great content, such as tutorials published by other people.

Facebook, another social media outlet that most of us are familiar with, is a great tool for getting in touch with people in your network, whether this means connecting with your family members, your coworkers, or your friends. Facebook also houses the capability of sharing photos of your recent adventures, sharing opinions on everyday matters or political topics, and sharing your beliefs with like-minded people in groups that you create for yourself.

Twitter, is another great social media tool that is used widely. It is a great option for those that are interested in sharing small moments with their friends, relative, coworkers, or strangers. You can’t make long posts on Twitter, which makes it hard for some people to utilize this platform, but it also makes it easier for some to use to for sharing quick updates, funny blurbs, and overall concise content.

Social media is prevalent everywhere we go; that is why we must learn how each service functions, which works best for us, and which we will utilize to our advantage.

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Originally published at acornmedia.wordpress.com on December 23, 2015.