ACRE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Which resources can I reference to learn from and join the ACRE community?
    *Website: https://www.ACRE.World
  2. What is ACRE doing that makes it unique from all other cryptocurrency projects currently in the market?
    *ACRE is providing access to real-world, tangible products that clients can engage with physically. It is bridging the gap between the digital and physical realm by linking the two in a more logical and economically sound way. For example, spending hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on a JPEG is very questionable at best, but spending the same amount for year-round access to a real estate property such as a luxury beachfront resort is a considerably common practice especially when it comes to making an investment decision. The subjective value of an NFT image may plummet when people are no longer interested, however, when an NFT is backed by real-world assets such as real estate then there is a greater support and protection of one’s investment since property valuation is much more objective and has had decades to develop.
  3. Which companies and institutions are associated with ACRE?
    *Our associated business partners are always expanding, but most notably we are working very closely with New World ADM Platinum Co., a leading property developer in Thailand, as well as Wyndham Resorts which is the largest hotel franchiser in the world. ACRE also has partnerships with different reputable universities through community organizations such as the MIT Bitcoin Club, Harvard Business School Cryptocurrency Club, the Northeastern University Blockchain Club, and many more. We are also very proud to announce that ACRE will be a major sponsor for the 2022 MIT Bitcoin Expo.
  4. What advantages does the ACRE Platform have over other digital marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible?
    *ACRE is not only an NFT marketplace, but an entire ecosystem that provides a suite of go-to market solutions that allow access to a variety of unique tokenized investment products that are tied to real-world assets. The ACRE Ecosystem goes beyond the digital exchange of pictures and has partnerships with car and yacht manufacturers in order to bring these products to the digital market.
  5. Why hold ACRE tokens?
    *ACRE tokens are what allow members of the community to participate in an intelligent revenue redistribution model powered by assets within the ecosystem. For example, one way our holders make money is that they get a portion of all the fees that are collected whenever a transaction is made. These get air-dropped to the wallets of the token holders automatically making for a seamless and effortless returns. There is also the aspect of governance, which allows the community to vote on the future direction that the project will go such as deciding on what investments to release, new additions to the platform, ability to submit new project proposals, etc. Large ACRE token holders will have special added benefits which will be announced at a later date.
  6. What kind of NFTs does ACRE plan to mint?
    *The first NFTs that will be released will enable access to real estate investment properties at a premier luxury beach resort in Thailand which is one of the only countries to have a very crypto-positive legal outlook. Our offerings will grow to include other real, physical products such as gems and yachts in addition to a variety of unique experiences. This is sure to change the trajectory of the NFT market for the better.
  7. Why would anyone want to own an ACRE NFT?
    *Buying and selling real estate is one of the most complicated and time-consuming exchanges of ownership to ever exist. ACRE provides an all-in-one solution where individuals can buy, sell, and even take a loan out on their NFT. Nowhere else in the world can someone sell their home, buy a new one, and then put that new home as collateral for a loan all in one day. ACRE’s novel platform will change the way the world does business by increasing efficiency and cutting out all of the unnecessary middlemen that end up taking large percentages. Our NFTs will also pay dividends to its holders and include added benefits such as discounts on fees when operating on our platform in addition to getting one entire month’s stay for free at the resort property. An ACRE NFT can literally put a roof over your head!
  8. Where can I find more in depth information about the ACRE Project?
    *Please visit our website and refer to the Litepaper for more information:
  9. When will all the information about the project become available to the public?
    *The ACRE Team plans to roll out updates every few weeks and at least once a month in order to maintain a level of transparency to our community members. We want to be clear and communicate to our interested parties that the reason we do not have all of the details about the project available to the public all at once is because we are operating under trade secrets so that our business model and code cannot be taken and copied. By only making details available once they have already been fully developed and solidified, we can ensure that we are always offering the best possible product which will make it difficult for people trying to copy us since they will always need to catch up with whatever stage in development we are in. This guarantees that ACRE will always be at least one step ahead of the competition.



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