With the 2020 election right around the corner, we have an opportunity to continue building a pro-national parks Congress. Members of Congress, who represent the American people, must ensure the greatest protection and preservation for our parks, as well as provide important funding for these iconic places. From canyon country to solemn battlefields to wild rivers to stories of our ancestors, national parks are the places future generations will enjoy, learn from and be inspired by.

Americans care deeply about national parks and believe they deserve the best protection possible.

To keep Congress moving in the right direction, as well…

Today we celebrate the National Park Service’s 101st birthday. That’s 101 years of park rangers and staff protecting the places we love most and telling stories that need to be told.

And now it’s up to all of us to ensure that these most special places are preserved for their next 100 years and beyond.

Our members of Congress have the important responsibility of ensuring those who work for our National Park Service (NPS) have the resources and support they need to care for our parks, now and well into the future. …

National parks protect some of our country’s most iconic landscapes and important places of history and culture. They are uniquely American, and they unite us as a nation. From now through April 23rd, we celebrate these incredible places with National Park Week.

Parks will be free to the public this weekend, and will be hosting special events like ranger-led hikes, junior ranger days and battle demonstrations. …

By Kristen Brengel

In less than a week, the American people will head to the polls and decide who will be the next leaders of our country. When we are trying to decide what the future for our country should be, it’s important to look at our past to see the path we have taken, and there may be no better places to do that than in our national parks.

It is fitting that national parks protect the birth places of our presidents, the birth place of our nation, and the many landmarks of our nation’s history. Places like Independence…

By Theresa Pierno

As the Democratic National Convention continues in Philadelphia this week, much of the focus has been on the Democrats’ policy platform for the fall election. In their platform, Democrats call for “conservation and collaborative stewardship of our shared natural heritage,” and includes many broad and bold pledges to protect our country’s natural resources and public lands, including our national parks.

It is appropriate that these pledges are happening in Philadelphia, where sites like Independence Hall and nearby Valley Forge represent our fight for independence. …

By Theresa Pierno

This week, during the Republic National Convention in Cleveland, the presidential nominee was chosen and official party platform was adopted.

The platform includes proposals to weaken the very laws and policies that have protected our air, water and wildlife for decades. No place represents our nation’s environmental and conservation challenges better than the Cuyahoga River, just outside the very city where the Republican convention was held. It caught fire at least a dozen times due to heavy pollution, culminating in a famous fire in 1969 that captured our country’s and Congress’s attention, spurring the enactment of the…

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