In teaching you are faced with so many challenges that make you feel less than amazing, that is why it is very important to utilise your memory in the right way. Choosing to keep record of all the bad situation is a recipie for disaster. You become a monster that has a short fuse, everything becomes frustrating and you cannot be the AMAZING and effective teacher you are meant to be .

You can’t choose to fight every battle and you cannot choose to remember every single situation otherwise you’re going to end up in the funny farm. 😖😖😖

Our job as educators is so crucial that we must protect our own sanity. So here are 5 reasons why teachers must have a bad memory when it comes to negative situations at school and in life.

  1. You feel healthier

2. You are more patient

3. You develop resilience

4. You are a joy to work with

5. You have a bigger smile on your face.

Teaching is one of the hardest jobs on the planet and there’s no point storing up a catalogue of bad memories and situations. When it comes to negative situations click the delete & forgive buttons . But when it comes to the positive and AMAZING moments you must be a photocopier. It’s a process, start now, stop moaning about your school, your kids , your staff members, that never brings solution, it only makes you a miserable person. Capture and replay as many positive moments as you can and that will help you to see the brighter side of teaching. As you go bad into the thick of it after your half term I encourage you to take a different perspective.

The peace and joy that you have cultivated over half-term can remain with you if you use the following steps.

  1. Whisper “I am amazing” to yourself every time you see a negative member of staff.

2. Before bed write down one magic moment from the day.

3. Say the words “Thank you for beautiful day” out loud 3 times

I trust this will move you closer to being the AMAZING EDUCATOR that you are. I LOVE YOUR DEDICATION .Thank you for shaping the minds of the next generation. Remember you are amazing. 😃😃😃👍

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