Understanding The Growth Trends of Activewear Market in Australia

Working out has acquired a whole new meaning in the land of the Kangaroos! Australia has been an active contributor in the world of fashion and fitness for many years. While fitness has become more than just being fit, it is about feeling good and being active. Hence the term devised was called activewear!

Activewear is not just clothes for gym, but more than that! These clothes are tailored with special fabrics which have the ability to withstand even the most intense workout sessions.

When it comes to amalgamating the two industries (fitness and fashion), increased competition has pushed the limits of the fitness clothing companies and stylists to new horizons. With the overwhelming competition existing in the activewear industry, it only makes sense that only the best can survive- without contorting the simple law of nature. The companies have up their game, which has had a positive impact on the clothing industry as a whole. Following on some of the trends that can be easily spotted, here is a list that highlights the reasons for the growth of activewear industry down under.

## Wearing right activewear push people to perform better

There has been much deliberation on the topic of how much of clothes contribute to a person’s performance at the gym or on track. And the results have been staggering. It has been found that your performance is in sync with the clothes you wear. People who have been working out wearing uncomfortable apparels have benefitted not so much even when they have invested hours in doing so. Thus, activewear brands took this into consideration and made sure to craft clothes that promised comfort. This has helped people be relaxed and at ease when sweating it out, thus improving their performance. Hence, the growth in the activewear industry was imminent.

## The base of consumers have grown significantly

According to the surveys, in 1980, the number of unhealthy people in Australia was about 10%. However, in 2012, the percentage increased to a whopping 25%, becoming one of the highest in the world. This was alarming and people realised the need to join the fitness bandwagon. However, the shortage of finding good clothes to wear (the ones which would provide comfort and style at the same time) discouraged people from working out. Taking a note of this situation, activewear companies started constructing clothes that not only targeted the general mass but also the people with fuller bodies which augmented their demand. This, in turn, increased the market scope, widening the consumer base, amplifying the need of activewear.

## Quality and style infused together is a key factor

The clothing industry is dynamic and is susceptible to changes. When the fashion and fitness was incorporated together, the results were spectacular. However, a few years back the scenario was completely different. People had to choose between comfort and style, compromising on either. This was duly noted by the wholesale activewear manufacturers as well as retailers who tried to find equilibrium between the two key aspects, and they did find success in their venture. They started constructing clothes which balanced functionality and trends in a perfect way, allowing people to invest more, seemingly increasing the demand for the fitness clothes.

Thus, to conclude, the trends of the activewear industry in Australia has had an upward growth over the last few years and is expected to have a steady growth in future as well. With new style, design, size and colours being introduced to the fitness clothing lines on a regular basis, and the need to be healthy and look good, the industry is up for a massive surge in the country.