Trump Made Socialism Great Again
Shadi Hamid

I’m always amazed when Americans conflate socialism and communism. It reveals a profound ignorance of political and economic systems and belies their extreme conditioning as victims of a deeply sociopathic culture. Even clearly referring to socialism as democratic doesn’t sway their hard core belief that socialism is evil. If it was so evil, the Nordic countries would have collapsed into chaos by now, Canada (my country) would be a Nazi state and Cuba would not one of the lowest maternal mortality rates in the world.

So, perhaps a straightforward comparison is in order?

The thing is, MOST people are average law abiding citizens. It serves the oligarchs quite well for these citizens to accept an economic system that doesn’t serve their interests, but instead expands the power and dominance of the elite class. Everything that is unfolding in the US is due to a belief that pure capitalism is the ONLY system that works. Sadly, that’s not true nor could it ever be. One only needs to look at the state of the average American today. As a Canadian, I’m deeply saddened and fearful that my country is being pulled down the same path.

In any case it’s ludicrous to think there’s only one permanent ideal economic system. History has shown us that those in power, (usually their political leanings are extreme right), will do everything to concentrate that power. Socialism, in it’s purest form, denies them that power. It distributes power to people NOT the state, as Americans have been brainwashed to believe. This brainwashing has been very effective in restraining the public’s natural impulse to revolt. However, revolt they must if they want to avoid total tyranny by the forces now in control. Because what Americans have now is fascism, in all its ugliness, not capitalism. There is no free market. There is no common purpose. There is no American dream. That is a myth designed to keep people asleep.

Socialism Never Took Root — John Steinbeck
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