The Old World Just Died. Here’s How to Build a New One.
umair haque

Sadly, creating a new social contract requires massive amounts of energy input and not just massive agreement from all classes. This article is naive to assume we’ll have either.

Let’s admit to each other and to our children that our species simply discovered and rapidly burned through a one time gift of cheap abundant accessible energy which created a lifestyle that was flagrantly wasteful and set expectations for the entire world that it would never run out. Fast forward to today and we’re experiencing the consequences of that collective sociopathic lunacy.

There will be no increase in well being described in your article. There will only deprivation, starvation and exploitation for all but the very rich and frankly it would be truly refreshing if our political leaders admitted that fact. We should be facing this reality as adults and organizing locally to mitigate the suffering as much as possible as per the Transition Towns model.

It’s time to buckle up. We’re in for a very bumpy ride on the road to extinction.

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