What is ‘Acton in Bloom’

New to blogging and new to gardening, I thought I would jump in the deep end on both fronts and tell you about my new campaign ‘Acton in Bloom’.

Where it all began…

Being at work full time meant that despite moving in to our house three years ago, I never really appreciated our garden until I was faced with it (literally) day after day on maternity leave when my daughter was born. I loved being at home and learning the ropes of motherhood but the garden seemed to get me down as it was always overgrown and the one part of our home that didn’t have our stamp on it. There is nothing like staring out at the same view every day with sleep deprivation to eventually kick one into action! I am always keen for a new project and after convincing my fear of change husband it was ‘an investment’, I set about how to do a small London garden makeover.

After months of Pinterest stalking, I admitted that I lacked all green knowledge and with juggling work and being a mum, I needed help. I sort the help of the fantastic garden designer Daniel Back who lives near us in West London. From the first meeting we clicked and were excited about what lay ahead. We were keen to preserve the key elements of what already existed, and to keep costs down, he came up with a design that was simple but a total transformation.

Watching the new garden unfold and the enthusiasm my daughter has taken to it, has encouraged me to take note of my local area and excuse the cliché but want to get involved in my community and try and become green fingered!

So here goes. My aim is to:

1 Get out more and share all the wonderful green things to do in and around London

2 Reveal the ups and downs of being a first-time gardener

4 Provide inspirational images of anything green or floral (not exclusively!)

5 Connect with my local community and their campaigns

6 Share my favourite garden centres, florists, shops and online destinations for all things green (and perhaps a few other things too!)

I am looking for as much interaction and advice as possible so please join me on this journey and share any tidbits, do’s and don’ts or great finds you like!

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Acton Park, London