Element Becomes ACTUAL

On March 1st, Element Group changed its name to Actual Group. Over the last year and a half, Element accomplished amazing things — we grew rapidly with the market, expanded our geographic presence, and worked on impactful blockchain projects. We built deep, multilateral relationships with our clients, investors, and community. We scaled to offer four distinct services offerings — advisory, trading, asset management, and technology services.

We built tremendous capabilities of a full-service investment bank that was leveraged to the success and continued growth of digital asset capital markets. With strong partners in the industry, a global reach, and strong in-house talent, we were executing on a defined mission and model that we’ve seen success in other nascent capital markets — commodities, BRICs, asset-backed securities.

And then the cycle turned, and we were in a bear market, with a rapidly contracting market cap, and an investor universe focused on loss avoidance. We retrenched our business and streamlined our operations. Without an active investor and LP universe in the crypto space, we decided to put on hold our asset management business. With few offerings taking place, especially in the US, we mothballed the excellent technology stack we built for issuance and regulatory compliance, as well as a great suite of crypto tools built by a talented team.

Our advisory and trading businesses remain in high demand. On the advisory side, in partnership with our Broker-Dealer, we continue to work closely with clients on their corporate finance, tokenization, and strategic challenges — delivering insight and institutional quality services. On the trading side, we continue to deliver top-notch trade execution for clients and work to provide liquidity to institutional exchange partners.

Our mission is to be a trusted advisor and deliver a first class service, insight, and execution.

And now we evolve our brand. ACTUAL. We look forward to winning your business.

Visit us at actualgroup.io and actualtrading.io

Write to us at markets@actualgroup.io