How to start learning programming

How to start

You have a few choices you can do so I will do my best to explain all of the ones I know how to and have experience with. First I will start with why you shouldn't learn in a school environment.


The reason I am against learning in a school environment only counts if you are not in college and are deciding to or not. Here is a quick fact most successful programmers dropped out of college within two years of going to college. So if you are planning on learning to program and decide a school environment is where you would like to do it, I can guarantee with 90% certainty you will drop out or not learn anything useful. Also high school classes are just useless I did Software Intro my freshman year of high school and the entire year of what we learned I learned in 5 minutes from reading an article online and most of the lesson plans were ripped straight from a Wikipedia page this experience was with one teacher not all will have the same experience but my school does brag about its Technical learning which is 100% bullshit.

Coding Camps

Coding Camps are great I personally think they are wonderful but I would suggest knowing a little bit about programming before going to one. Most coding camps are 3–6 months long so it’s not a great long term solution. But it is a wonderful place to learn new things that you did not know and get motivated to continue your career in programming. A great coding camp is Hack Reactor.

Self Teaching

This is the best in my personal opinion way to learn how to program. The reason for this is because you set it at your own pace and as long as you have the motivation to keep going nothing can stop you. There are tons and i mean TONS of free online resources to learn programming a good one for Web Design/Development is this site is wonderful for learning the basic Syntax of programming in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There are tons of YouTubers who specialize in teaching people programming 100% free a great example would be TheNewBoston

If you want you can do it 100% by your self and the way you do this is you look at other people’s source code and you read through it you read through it one time. See if you can understand what you are seeing and for the things you don't understand you can easily google what they are and what they do. I would personally suggest doing that and online tutorials but one thing you need to remember that was one mistake I did make and wish I did not is to never over rely on tutorials. I say tutorials are GREAT for learning syntax and resourceful uses but the best resource that you have is your brain and talking to other experienced programmers.


This is 100% my opinion based on my own experience other people may feel differently than I do and i understand that but personally self teaching is the way to go. It cost nothing unless you want to buy some books, you can set your own pace and you won’t feel like a robot.

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