Why Does Dating Men Make Me Feel Like Shit?
Emma Lindsay

Call me old school, but I firmly believe that if another person makes you feel bad about yourself, you don’t spend hours wondering why, or delving into the deeper societal issues that might (or might not) have caused it to happen. You just ditch them and move on. Seriously. Unless you’re a masochist.

The world is full of people and it’s not reasonable to think that most of them should make you feel great… that’s why people get so excited when they find a good match — it’s beating the odds.

That said, if you find that you feel like shit with every new partner, then the common denominator is you. This applies equally to men, women, and any other gender you care to name. It’s a universal truth IMHO. Figure out why you end up feeling like shit, and if the answer you settle on requires that society, or men, or everyone else in the world must change, keep looking for answers — that one won’t help you at all.

You deserve to be happy. We all do. Don’t ever think that isn’t so.

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