You make the same false, and ultimately patronizing and colonialist assumption, that Free Basics…

I don’t really see any promises being made by Gates. What I see is an acknowledgement that without accurate data, nothing can be changed because we don’t really know what “is.” In Canada, our new Prime Minister just brought back the long-form census after a prior administration had reduced it to a tiny data set. The return of the long-form was widely hailed by Canadians because there is an awareness that incomplete (or inaccurate) data isn’t just problematic in its own right, it sets the stage for policy decisions informed by ideology alone.

I don’t think anyone genuinely believes that technology holds all the answers and can offer all of the solutions, but it’s hard to throw shade on the notion that more abundant data that is also accurate is at least the first step to offering solutions, regardless of how you define “the problem.”

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