The First of the Gang to Die
M.G. Siegler

Interesting — I wonder how generational this is? I’m 47 and for me, it’s almost the exact opposite. None of my friends and family are active on Twitter, so its value is purely informational. And while it’s true that you can learn about what’s going on quicker on Twitter than anywhere else, I find the immediacy can also be exhausting.

I don’t know anyone who uses Snapchat and my experience with Instagram is that it’s the worst part of Facebook (people posting photos of themselves or their pets or their kids or their vacations, just for the sake of getting hearted) with none of Facebook’s redeeming qualities.

Which brings me to Facebook — a network where almost everyone I know and enjoy following can be found. Conversations are often thoughtful because there’s no character count restriction, you can be as public or private as you wish, and its Groups feature has been invaluable as a way to stay up to date on neighborhood and other events/topics.

None of that is to say that I’d be upset if I went several days without jumping on FB, but of all the networks I’ve joined, it has by far the most value.

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