Yes, you’re wrong.
Null Pointer

Just read it. Disappointing on so many levels, but mostly this one: “The IYI has a copy of the first hardback edition of The Black Swan on his shelves, but mistakes absence of evidence for evidence of absence.” How fantastic to be able to defend his own utterly evidence-less essay by saying that an absence of evidence isn’t the same as an evidence of absence. So convenient! I’m picturing what would no doubt be an eloquent prosecution at trial: “Your honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I implore you — do not assume our utter lack of evidence means there is no evidence. We simply couldn’t find any ourselves… and yet we remain certain it exists, as should you!”

I’m flattered that you consider me an intellectual, but if you wish to apply that label, or the less flattering “idiot” label, you need to do more than offer up Mr Taleb’s post as evidence. Go back and re-read my responses to the OP and then tell me where I went astray, which facts I got wrong or misinterpreted, or the logical fallacies I engaged in. Otherwise, you might just earn the IYI label yourself :-)

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