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We are in the midst of a huge transformation of the means of production. In the transition to an information society, data is becoming a strategic asset. The most valuable organizations no longer transform raw materials, they transform data into meaning. The main difference with data as an asset is that it’s already distributed among people and its value is extracted with software.

Machine Learning is going to take over many tasks, releasing huge productivity gains, which will lead to the destruction of many jobs. Many new ones will be created, but a whole generation is being put at risk…

During the last few weeks we are witnessing a rising concern about privacy. For the first time many people are realizing that their data can be used against them. Machine Learning in the wrong hands can be used to diminish their individual liberties, to influence the public opinion or as a control mechanism used by totalitarian states.

My data is worthless, but my privacy is priceless.

We see Privacy as a Fundamental Human Right, and at the same time we acknowledge that not everyone has the money to pay for services that have become a need. That’s why many months…


Privacy-preserving Machine Learning, a collaborative way to train models on the edge. #machinelearning #deeplearning #AI

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