OneCoin expands its Ecosystem by launching its Merchant Platform — DealShaker. Part II


The best increments to the OneLife Network portfolio is the DealShaker Merchant platform, which has acquired remarkable praises due to what it brings to the table. This is the principal web-based business platform to acknowledge the OneCoin cryptocurrency, and now every one of the individuals from the OneLife Network can use their collected OneCoins to buy or offer merchandise and ventures the world over.

In this quick globalizing world, the DealShakers point meeting center for shopping and helping others, meandering travelers and for all Internet clients, scanning for something new to do or attempt, regardless of where their whereabouts. This is one Platform that accommodates both client and trader and takes into account their requirements, where the shipper can be the customer, and each customer can offer.

dealshaker logo

Like each active MLM organization, OneLife has organized probably the most exclusive corporate events in the business. Every one of them had checked major declarations, for example, the begin of the ONE mining in January 2015, when the total number of OLN people was over 51 000. Two or after three months, in May 2015, more than 3 000 individuals were available at a captivating Dubai event, which ended up noticeably celebrated as the Gold Rush event, where the begin of the ONE exchanging was authoritatively reported.

Later on, in September, OneCoin had more than 600 000 individuals, and 5 000 of them went to another major event — this time in Macau, named The Rise of The Empire, where they celebrated the principal birthday of the organization. The following two worldwide events were in London — the CoinRush, where the official dispatch of the OneLife Network occurred, and the Bangkok Mastermind, where the shipment of the new OneCoin blockchain occurred. The organization is currently getting ready to welcome 4500 of its individuals to that following principal event — in May 2017 in Macau, which will without a doubt proceed with the pattern of useful improvements and declarations from the past OLN games!

As the Founder and Visionary of the OneCoin cryptocurrency, Dr. Ruja Ignatova expressed in a meeting on her visit to Mexico: the length at which you improve people’s lives — your item has some help. Whenever she considers the 10,000-foot view, she thinks first about the unbanked people and after that of the business and the vendors who need to work together all around less demanding and quicker. Dr. Ignatova has repeated the significance of having the cryptocurrency as a real piece of the worldwide budgetary framework with various circumstances. This is the best idea that has molded the philosophy and vision for the future of the Company.