OneCoin expands its Ecosystem with New Brand and 3 Websites — Part I

Coin Rush Global Events

OneCoin, the world’s leading Cryptocurencies has officially announced the launch of OneLife Network which is the most recent brand by the company. This announcement was made during the Coin Rush Global Event staged in London, attended by over 4,000 people. The event also paved way for the launch of 3 websites and logos for OneLife Network, OneAcdemy and OneCoin.

onecoin ecosystem

With the launch of these new and unique identities, it greatly reflects OneCoin’s growth and diversification. The OneCoin’s new corporate web page,, will enhance a wider view on OneCoin Cryptoccurency and help customers access the latest news and information, compliance particulars and general information on cryptocurency. It will also help clients get information and effectively access blockchain. OneCoin has been able to focus entirely on its primary aim and core business after its separation with OneLife on June 11, 2016, a move that propelled it to become the leading cryptocurrency in usability and helped increase number of users.

With only two years on the market, OneCoin has set a broad base to become the leading cryptocurrency, enjoying the trust and confidence of over 3 million users worldwide. In their script, Huffington Post once claimed that OneCoin has beat all odds to become the largest crypocurrency in the world, and that their fame, vision and potential is not fading off any time soon.


To affirm on the legitimacy of this statement, the company announced on October 1, that it had successfully commenced the new and enhanced blockchain. The company made this announcement during the OneLife Mastermind event held in Bangkok, Thailand in front of over 12000 people who had attended. The new blockcahain is considered as a safer, faster, and most convenient way to make mass transactions. This giant development made the company inch closer to realizing its strategic development and its vision to come up with a mass-market for OneCoin. These endeavors will also ensure OneCoin increases its number of users and market capitalization and become the biggest cryptocurency.

OneCoin has a vision of expanding its user base and ensure its plan to build a strong global merchant network is finally realized. The company expects to fulfill these by increasing the amount of mineable coins from 10000 in every block as per the old blockchain, to 50 000 a block in the new blockchin.

One coin has the ultimate goal of portraying transparency and honest in its client relations. This has been made possible by becoming the first crytocurency company to adopt the Know-your Customer (KYC) document storage method in its blockchain. This method will eliminate any anonymous transactions and any attempt to use coins for criminal or dubious purposes.