OneCoin which happens to be one of the leading cryptocurrencies officially announced the launch of a new brand of oneLife network which was witnessed by over 4000 people. The event took place at CoinRush Global event in London. Besides, there was the launch of three new websites and logos for OneLife Network, OneAcademy and OneCoin.

The launch of the new identities is a clear indication of the OneCoin’s diversification and expansion. The corporate website provides all the information that should be known by the audience about the cryptocurrency including the latest news, the legal documents, some information on compliance, OneCoin blockchain and the broad general information about cryptocurrency. The OneCoin was able to concentrate on its core business and the main objective after separating with OneLife Network on 11th June 2016. Their main objective was to become the leading cryptocurrency when it comes to the number of users and the usability.

They have been in the market for just two years the fact is that OneCoin has proven to be the leading cryptocurrency having more than 3 million users in the world who trust completely on the potential and the vision of the company. Huffington once said that “No matter what you think about the OneCoin, it has grown to be the leading cryptocurrency and will stay in the market for a longer period.”

To proof the statement above, The Company announced the launch of a new and enhanced blockchain on 1st October. It was an event witnessed by more than 12000 people in Bangkok, Thailand. The new blockchain is faster, more safe and capable of handling mass transactions easily. It is also a golden step when it comes to the company’s strategic development plan and in line with its vision which is to win a mass market for the OneCoin and become the largest cryptocurrency when it comes to market capitalization and the number of users.

They have increased the total amount of mineable coins from 10,000 per block in the old system to 50,000 per block in the new system. This allows OneCoin to increase the user base and be capable of coming up with a strong global market and merchant network.

To facilitate their objective of being transparent and honest when it comes to client relations, OneCoin happens to be the first cryptocurrency Company to store Know-your-Customer (KYC) documents on the blockchain. This prevents unrecognized transactions and any other usage of coins in a criminal activity.