Introducing the adToken Lunarscape

We are proud to formally introduce the adToken Lunarscape! The adToken Lunarscape is a complete overview and project timeline for launching the adChain Registry decentralized application (DApp) and Smart Contracts on the Rinkeby Testnet and Ethereum Mainnet!

The adChain Registry is a Token Curated Registry of domain names. It will be used as a base to provide the annual $72 billion digital advertising industry with a decentralized repository of domains accredited by adToken holders. Advertisers will be able to utilize the adChain Registry as a public utility as it will help them protect their ad spend dollars against the estimated $16.4 billion ad fraud crisis.

At its core, the adChain Registry is a foundational protocol layer for a host of other decentralized applications. DApps built on top of adChain will provide additional value to the digital advertising industry. This is important because it sets adChain apart from other projects in the Ethereum space that are building DApps around one-dimensional tokens that do not facilitate interoperability. To learn more, read our blog post, “Why adToken is a Protocol Token and NOT an App Coin.”

Since the conclusion of our token launch event on June 26, 2017, we’ve been heads down focused on building the foundation of the adChain ecosystem described in our white paper and creating alliances with key industry partners to drive adoption.

The past four months have been challenging, exciting and groundbreaking. Challenging, because building ideas in Solidity is difficult. Exciting because we are many steps closer to seeing our vision come to life. And groundbreaking because we have developed the first ever working implementation of Partial Lock Commit Reveal Voting written in Solidity. A concept first outlined by Colony in a detailed blog post on July 18, 2016 and brought to fruition by the adChain team.

Partial Lock Commit Reveal Voting is a major component of the adChain Registry. It is the voting mechanism that empowers adToken holders to curate the adChain Registry. Its completion was a major achievement for the adChain Core Dev team: Mike Goldin (Consensys), Miguel Mota (MetaX), Edwin Cheung (MetaX).

The adChain Registry is currently made up of three distinct smart contracts, all of which are open-source and available on GitHub.

  1. PLCRVoting
  2. AdChainRegistry
  3. AdChainRegistryDapp

Aside from all of the programming, we’ve also been building a custom UI that connects to the Ethereum Network via the Google Chrome MetaMask extension. The adChain Registry DApp user interface is an easy-to-use web-application, where adToken holders can access many of the features and functionality outlined in our white paper. This brings us to the adToken Lunarscape.

The adToken Lunarscape

The adToken Lunarscape signifies the totality of the adChain Registry DApp and Smart Contracts. It is the embodiment of the hard work we have been striving towards over the past year. The adChain community can now have a hands on experience using the adChain Registry.

The adToken Lunarscape is made up of two distinct Missions separated by a Refueling Stage:

Mission 1) Rinkeby Rover (Nov. 1, 2017 — Feb. 1, 2018)

Refueling Stage: (Feb. 1, 2018 — April 2018)

Mission 2) Ethereum Colonization (April 2018 — Forever)

The adToken Lunarscape kicks off with the Rinkeby Rover mission. The objective is to take a preliminary look at the adChain Registry DApp and to gain valuable insights from the adToken community.

The mission is twofold: (1) educate the adToken community on interacting with the adChain Registry and (2) gather feedback to guide us towards Ethereum Colonization.

The Rinkeby Rover mission takes part in three phases:

  1. Lift-Off — (Nov. 1, 2017) The Lift-Off phase marks the deployment of the adChain Registry DApp and Smart Contracts to the Rinkeby Testnet.
  2. Discovery — (Nov. 1, 2017 — Jan. 31, 2018) The Discovery Phase is when the adToken Community can explore and experiment with the adChain Registry DApp.
  3. Voyage Home — (Feb. 1, 2018) The Voyage Home is when we will close the adChain Registry DApp on the Rinkeby Testnet. It marks the beginning of the Refueling Stage.

Refueling Stage (Feb 1. 2018 — April 2018)

During the Refueling Stage the adChain Core Dev team will take all the gathered intel from the Rinkeby Rover and make mission-critical updates to the adChain Registry Smart Contracts in preparation for Ethereum Colonization.

Ethereum Colonization (April 2018 — Forever)

The adToken Lunarscape’s final mission is Ethereum Colonization. The objective of Ethereum Colonization is to permanently deploy the adChain Registry Smart Contracts onto the Ethereum Mainnet and re-open the adChain Registry DApp to adToken holders.

This mission is broken down into two phases:

Lift-Off — (April 2018) The Lift-Off phase marks the deployment of the adChain Registry DApp and Smart Contracts to the Ethereum Mainnet.

Lunar Colony — (Forever) The Lunar Colony phase is when the entire adChain ecosystem is permanently deployed onto the Ethereum Mainnet and when the adChain Registry DApp will be fully opened and decentralized.

Additional Resources

The adChain Registry DApp is accompanied by a Help Center with full documentation and walkthrough tutorials for the various aspects associated with using the DApp. Video tutorials are also available on YouTube.

Users can submit tickets and offer feedback through the help center. We will be looking to the adToken community for insights during the Rinkeby Rover phase. During the Refueling Stage, we’ll compile feedback gathered in the Rinkeby Rover mission and integrating into the adChain Registry in preparation for Ethereum Colonization.

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