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Learnings from MetaX on Launching The First Token-Curated Registry (TCR)

Our white paper brings to light a vision for a token based platform built on Ethereum called adChain. The idea behind it was to give people from around the world the ability to curate a single list of digital publishers so that advertisers could use it as a public utility.


In short, advertisers have a hard time figuring out what websites are fraudulent or not and this list would help them in determining whether a…

By Hunter Gebron, Director of Strategic Initiatives at MetaX

A brief recap of our journey to the Ethereum Mainnet and where we’re heading.

See the guidelines here.

Since going live on the Ethereum Mainnet on April 24, 2018, the Release Candidate of the adChain Publisher Registry has seen 49 publisher domains voted in by adToken (ADT) holders across the community.

And we have already seen a fair bit of controversy!

Facebook was rejected from the Registry on May 6, 2018 and a heated debate ensued as to why. It was even alluded to by Joe Lubin during his closing key note at the Ethereal Summit in New York last month.

By Eddy Muñoz, MetaX Product Manager

As the adChain Registry reaches its first month on the Ethereum Main Network, the engineering team at MetaX has been heads-down developing features at the community’s request.

Written by Hunter Gebron, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Today, it is with great pride that we announce the public release candidate of the adChain Registry. This will mark the first time in history that a Token Curated Registry (TCR) will be deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet!

The adChain Registry is the culmination of years of hard work and represents a technological breakthrough for cryptoeconomic protocols. It is a self-sustaining system that uses an intrinsic token — adToken — to align incentives for users to coordinate their efforts towards the shared goal of curating a high-quality list of publisher domains.


Written by Hunter Gebron

Our new UI is finally finished! We streamlined the design, built in additional features, and added a guided walkthrough to assist first time users in becoming more familiar with how to use the dapp aptly titled How Does This Thing Work?

But rather than tell you about it, how about we show you? So without further ado, here is a screenshot of our new and improved UI!

Written by Hunter Gebron

In this spotlight article, we will follow a domain’s journey through the adChain Registry. The domain is a fictional blog called that caters to the latest trends and Hollywood gossip. serves online advertisements to generate revenue and its owners, Stacy and Steve have heard about the adChain Registry and would like to apply their domain.

Being that Stacy and Steve are well-versed in the blockchain world, they already have Ether and have used it to purchase some adToken (ADT).

But when they arrive at, they quickly realize they need a MetaMask account. MetaMask…

Written by Hunter Gebron

The ability to make changes is essential. Sometimes we make a change as an improvement to our lives and other times it is to yield to an outside force (like slowing down when a police officer pulls you over for speeding). In our personal lives making a change means making a decision and then taking some action.

In large centralized organizations made up of many people, there needs to be a method or protocol in place before implementing something that will result in a systemic change to the organization as a whole. Sometimes the CEO will…

Written by Hunter Gebron

This Spotlight Series highlighting important aspects of the adChain Registry will be published weekly until the April deployment of the adChain Registry to the Ethereum Mainnet.

The idea of Token Curated Registries (TCR’s) is starting to gain traction. A token that’s value is tied directly to the contents of a curated list makes sense to people. The contents of the list could theoretically be anything:

  • The best colleges in the country
  • The worst restaurants in New York City
  • The most attractive dogs on the planet
  • Or in adChain’s case, a list of websites best suited for…

On February 27, 2018, Mike Goldin delivered this talk at the Blockchain Xplore educational conference at the Microsoft Conference Center in New York City. It covers his vision for the adChain project as it approaches its mainnet launch date in April, and the necessity of a public blockchain to realizing that vision.

Who here is an advertiser or someone who works on the demand side? Keep your hands up if you think you have ever bought a non-human impression. Okay, thank you. Now who is on the supply side? …


The new blockchain based protocol for the advertising industry brought to you by @metaxchain. Related stories now live on!

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