How To Tell If Your Facebook Bot Campaign Is Working (And What We Learned)

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At Amplifii, we strategize, optimize and scale Facebook lead generation campaigns for high growth small businesses. For the last few months, we have been using Facebook Messenger as a way to engage existing communities. But we have also been able to use Messenger advertising to generate new leads.

Here is what we have learned doing messenger ads to cold audiences:

  • Using the same messages and funnel structure, messenger ads lead to deeper levels of engagement
  • Higher open rates throughout the funnel (60–80+%)
  • Higher clickthrough rate to landing pages/offer pages (20–30%)
  • Higher click-to-sale conversion

Bottom line: higher return on ad spend (ROAS) + on investment (ROI)

But Something Didn’t Add Up

This campaign is specifically a video series taking people to an information product. First 2 months of the campaign didn’t work as we were testing different elements of the offer and we couldn’t close a sale; something was really wrong.

Then, our Messenger ads started converting.

The campaign went from losing $600 in 2 months to generating $5000 with an ad spend of $959.48. That means a campaign that wasn’t converting turned around and started generating $5.21 for every dollar spent on Facebook.

Even though these numbers are incredible and the campaign is showing potential, something was off. Something didn’t feel right.

The team and I were doing analysis on this campaign and something didn’t add up. Here’s what I mean:

Look at the numbers that we are tracking:

Ad Spend: $21.58
Link clicks (in FB)
: 9
: $2.40
Subscribers added (in Manychat): 8
Cost per subscriber
: $2.70
*New messaging conversations (in FB): 6
*Cost per new conversation
: $3.60

Those are the raw numbers, but what about real messages?

So we dove deeper.

If you look at the image on the left, you will see 9 subscribers total in 24hrs.

Out of 9, there are:
- 4 in the sequence
- 2 missing
- 3 unknown profiles

Out of $21.58, that means that only 4 got added to the sequence.

All of this means that our tracking is off.

Link clicks: 9
Subscribers added : 8 
*New conversations: 6
Real conversations: 4

Why is any of this important?

We scale campaigns professionally.

We have taken campaigns from $30/day barely breaking even to $500–$1000/day generating $2 (or more) for every dollar we spent on Facebook ads.

This specific campaign includes manual reach out and follow up at this point. Based on results in the last 2 weeks (nearly $5.21 generated for every $1 spent on Facebook), we want to strike while the iron is hot. It is easy to take this type of campaign from $20–30/day to $200–300+/day in less than 30 days.

Even though these numbers are small (campaign broke even very recently), we want to understand what’s going on as we scale.

Now What?

The CTRs are terribly low and CPCs are too high. We are working on additional tests to increase CTR and decrease CPC. We are also looking into why there is such a gap between Facebook ad data and real messenger data (we can’t control quality of users/bots entering the funnel, but we can definitely monitor it to communicate to relay it to Facebook).

Will keep you in the loop!

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