Accelerated Synthesis Efficiency Bases on Leidenfrost Theory

Professor R. Graham Cooks and his team discovered that two elements would hugely improve the synthesis efficiency-the order of magnitude and conducting environment. The lower the order of magnitude is, the faster the synthesis process will be. In addition, surrounding established based on the Leidenfrost theory will further boost the speed.

Traditional synthesis involving complicated steps and material waste is a common issue in the field. Another serious problem confronted by the whole industry is that the final production amount alters greatly. For easy to handle projects it’s hard to acquire a small amount, whilst, for the project that is relatively sophisticated, a large amount always fails to meet. The newly found quick synthesis can help to address the issue by achieving both small and large amount requirements while saving a lot of material involved as transforming rate can be leveled up to a great degree.

The new synthesis method for up-leveled speed is achieved by carrying out the process in leidenfrost droplets at milliliter-level. Though the order of magnitude is quite low, but it can be duplicated in reaction numbers to meet even industrial needs.

Leidenfrost effect refers to the phenomenon that Liquid when contacts with hotter than its boiling point surface will form a layer of vapor and levitate on the vapor. Leidenfrost droplets are the liquid droplets hover over the surface with the help of a layer made of the liquid. The interfacial effects in the droplets accelerate the synthesis process. Then for why small number of the order of magnitude can help to increase the speed the answer should be that with less starting material, the energy needed to activate the synthesis reaction is lower, thus less time will be needed.

Studies on synthesis chemistry in Leidenfrost droplets had began early in 2007, but no breakthrough finding has made until 2011. Several successes have been made with the new way, and it turned out that it could be widely employed for especially research use of chemical synthesis.

With the put up and successful conduction, the traditional time consuming impression for some synthesis may change once the tech is mature enough, and will help save budget. It will be especially beneficial to pharmaceutical industry, where a lot synthesis projects are involved from the very beginning of drug spotting to the final steps of testing and impurities identification.

Furthermore, the tech will also boost the better application of techs like fluorescent labeling and isotope labeling as the starting material can be acquired via a faster way.

Referrence article:Accelerated Chemical Reactions and Organic Synthesis in Leidenfrost Droplets

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