¿Do you want more women in tech? — -> Create job opportunities for them

All around the world, specially in the United States and Europe there’s a lot of initiatives, like Girls Who Code, Girl Develop It, Rails Girls, and so on.

These organizations aims to close the gender gap in technology, working with women and little girls: they are working hard towards one of the biggest points of problem regarding women in tech: to let girls and women know the programming world and what they can build and achieve (both personally and profesionally).

Imagine how many women could be brilliant at this profession if they only knew it was an option

There is more: we can do a lot of efforts to attract more women to technology but if they don’t have real job opportunities to seize and grow (specially if you’re interested in a technical career path), all the previous efforts, would be nothing.

That’s why we created Ada IT, to close the gender gap in technology, from inside the industry, creating real job opportunities for women. We’re a software development studio that builds great mobile apps and web platforms. Our teams are diverse, but with a majority of women.

There’s a lot of evidence that shows that empowering women boost economies , specially in a region like Latin America.

We need more women in tech to create better products and solutions to improve people lives.

Ada IT is a software factory that aims to close the gender gap in technology from inside the industry, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and visit our web.
Posted by María Celeste Medina