Best Hemorrhoid Wipes

Ade A. Tank
Sep 21, 2018 · 10 min read

Quick summary

What Are Hemorrhoid Wipes?

What’s witch hazel?

What hemorrhoid wipes do?

Best hemorrhoid wipes

Main qualities of a GREAT wipe


Wet wipes conundrum: moist or flushable?

Which wet wipes are flushable?

Preparation H Flushable Wipe floats in the water for hours with no structural changes
Add as much toilet paper gel as needed to provide moisture

Flushable wipes: Winners

Which wipes are the moistest?

Pads: it’s raining witch hazel!
A tiny drop of Wipegel hides plenty of moisture
Fresh Exit wipes: the driest option on the market

Moisture: Winners

The cheapest wet wipes

Can you pull one wipe at a time?

Dexterity test: try to grab a single pad!

Bacterial contamination

Ease of dispensing & Price: Winners

The strength of the material

Strength: Winners

Size matters?

Hemorrhoid pads are smaller than a toilet paper square.
Fresh Exit wipes are the largest.

Size: Winners

Ingredients & Country of origin

1001 uses of hemorrhoid wipes


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