The Best Dry Dog Food

Apart from selecting the best dog for your family, you will have to choose the right food to give to your pet. Every dog is unique, and you need to consult a vet before your change a diet. Otherwise, there are several brands of dry dog food. As a pet owner, you have to jungle in varieties to find food that your pet can consume repeatedly and call it food. You also want that food to be affordable. Consider these tips when choosing the best dry dog food.

Always consider the nutritional requirements of the pet. Some pets will need fewer calories per day than others. Old dogs that are less active will not need many calories. Lactating mothers and puppies will need more calories. An aggressive pet will need more calories than potato coach dog. Some dog food manufacturers will differentiate between dog breeds. Most of them will have a variety of large dog breeds and another for small dog breeds. The variation is mostly in the size of the kibble for ease of eating. You can purchase flea collar here!

The protein content of the food matters a lot. It would be nice if you can tell what constituent of the meat is available in any dog food by reading its label. If for example, the food is labeled Beef for Dogs, it would indicate that the listed protein comprises of 95% of the total product. If on the other hand his food is labeled ad Salmon Dinner for Dogs, it only contains 25% of the protein. In case there are several ingredients mixed, both must add to at least 25% of the food. If the phrase reads like With salmon or with cheese, the food only contains 3% of the ingredient this would just be enough for the food to taste like that meat so that the canine can enjoy it. Get the best dry dog foods here!

You also need to choose food with meat or meat meal since dogs are omnivorous and should rarely be fed on a vegetarian diet. Meat can consist of such things like tissue from the heart, diaphragm, skeletal muscle, fat and gristle and such. Meat by-product is the non-rendered parts of an animal sans meant including the brain, bone, blood, and others. They should be tested by AAFCO to ensure that they do not contain hooves, horns, teeth, and hair. Make sure the first ingredient is not grain, tuber or vegetable. The dog needs flesh. For further details regarding pet care, visit