We’re All (Going to be) in this Together

When I was around 16 or 17, my father suddenly wanted to have a smartphone. Truth be told, I was shocked when I heard that since throughout my whole life he has been using the flip phones. However after visiting his relatives back in China, he had a whole new perspective of what he could do with a smartphone. Nowadays he’s always connected to the net, reading novels on his screen even during dinner. It is quite ironic as the parents that used to scold my siblings and I to not use our devices during the dinner table, they’ve started to do the same now. As they are people that have been fully converted to use the web, it makes me wonder about the people that do not have the resources to access the internet.

The organization OLPC has a goal to offer these special kinds of laptops to children from the third world countries, empowering a stronger and reliable education with the help of the children to access the web for research and learn more about the world around them. A very sweet and altruistic goal as everyone deserves to enjoy the beauty and knowledge that the net can offer, these children have the right to have a better education. Doing a little more research, I have learned that there is OLCP Canada, focusing on Education Technology for the Indigenous Youth. This is a very important factor as it is a delicate subject, it is horrible that the Indigenous youth do not even have the same right as the other Canadian children due to the racism and laws against them. They lack the resource for a better education to learn and become more aware of the shameful acts Canada has done. The population of the Indigenous youth is increasing and it is absolutely important for them to get all the help they can for they are so oppressed by the government and the stereotypes marked on them. It is important for the Indigenous people to use technology to help boost their voice and set a dent digitally. The more Canadians are aware of the actions Canada has done and has not done yet, the faster the Government needs to take action or trust and loyalty will be lost. Let’s face it, the government’s hands has always been filthy.

One of the most important things about the net to me is how it can create connection between one another no matter how far we are. My parents are able to contact their relatives back in China more often than just a phone call. People that you would think that couldn’t be reached are reachable thanks to the internet. The Indigenous need all the help needed because they are human too, they deserve the things that we have in this huge city of Toronto. Hopefully it can build a bridge and the people here are also aware of the issues Canada still has to this day. We’re going to fix this together.

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