How can I move on when I’m still inlove with you

I seldom think of it if that was a joke. I see you treat everyone else like you have treated me. Maybe I just assumed too much, thinking I was special for you. Assumed. Yes I did. I was stupid feeling that feeling was real. Nonetheless nothing was for sure that time. We were just carefree and happy being together. Well, that was immature. I was immature.

That time, I guess, I just wanted to feel like what other people say exceeds everything. I thought it was being with you. But my family, my friends and ambitions in life flashes in my mind. I chose to stay away from you. I see also that many have shown interest towards you. This weakened me. This weakend my will for you. When I tried to defend what I feel — which I do not have the right in fact since we have “nothing” — I was hurt a little physically but most… emotionally.

I guess now, we’re friends. And I think we aren’t supposed to cross the line forever.

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