What Kentavious Caldwell-Pope’s Signing Could Mean For LeBron James’ Upcoming Free Agency

Late Tuesday night, news broke that free agent Kentavious Caldwell-Pope had agreed to a one-year, $18M contract to head to Los Angeles and play for the Lakers. Caldwell-Pope was a restricted free agent with the Detroit Pistons, but was renounced when Detroit acquired Avery Bradley in a trade. The Lakers decided to give him a try for one year and reassess their options come 12 months from now. But could the person whose free agency future this signing impacts the most be… LeBron James?

Before we look at the sequence of events, let’s focus on the key to this plot- Rich Paul and Klutch Sports. Paul, who runs Klutch Sports, is the agent of James, Caldwell-Pope and many other top-tier players. Leading up to the offseason, KCP was expected to get a contract close to a max. But instead he was renounced and became an unrestricted free agent in a bare market, making this seem like the summer from hell. And when you’re an agent like Paul, your goal is to get your client as much money as possible in a desirable situation where they can make the most of their opportunities to increase their future worth. And it looked like Caldwell-Pope was screwed, thus hurting his agent. But then the Lakers came out of left field and gave them the perfect deal. He gets $18M for one year, living in Los Angeles, playing under the bright lights, with a chance to make the most of his abilities and have a much bigger market next summer. You know who appreciates that more than anyone? Rich Paul. You know who heavily weighs the opinion of Rich Paul? LeBron James.

Basically, this could very well be the Lakers doing Rich Paul and Klutch Sports a huge favor as they attempt to get on the good side of Paul, and, indirectly, LeBron James. As the Cleveland Cavaliers continue to be dysfunctional, James is sure to begin pondering over what team he will play for in two years down the line. The Lakers will definitely be considered, and them doing Klutch Sports such a huge favor can only help them in their pursuit of James.