Why the Sacramento Kings’ Offseason was not as Good as Advertised

The Kings’ group of decision-makers have been the punch line of many jokes over the years, and rightfully so. Save the Knicks, they have continuously proven to be the worst front office in the league. This offseason has been fairly eventful for them. They selected De’Aaron Fox of Kentucky with the fifth overall pick, then traded the 10th pick to Portland in exchange for the 15th and 20th picks to take North Carolina’s Justin Jackson and Duke’s Harry Giles, then took a shot with pick #34 and took Frank Mason of Kansas. They entered free agency with the most cap space in the whole league, and didn’t use it the way many would expect them to. They signed George Hill to a three-year, $57M contract, brought in Zach Randolph for two years and $24M, and agreed to a one-year, $8M deal with Vince Carter. Many are praising GM Vlade Divac and the Kings for all of these moves, many even proclaiming them the winners of the offseason. And their draft was definitely solid, the best they’ve had in quite some time. But in reality, their flat out putrid performance in free-agency ruined what should be a celebration for Kings fans.

Sacramento giving Hill so much money might have been the weirdest move of the entire offseason, for the simple fact that the last thing the Kings need right now is a guard. They should be focused on developing the backcourt of Fox and Buddy Hield, not taking away their minutes. They’re giving a lot of money to a very good player, but it’s a very good player who is a very bad fit with the rest of the roster.

The Carter and Randolph signings were understandable, as they likely wanted two guys who can have positive influences on the younger players. And veteran leadership can be important, but it isnt worth 32 million dollars.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest issue with their offseason is not what they did, but it’s what they didn’t do. Because with cap flexibility comes what every team should covet- optionality. That’s how the Nets got D’Angelo Russell from the Lakers and a future first-round pick from the Raptors. Being able to take big contracts off the books of desperate teams and get valuable assets as compensation is a huge opportunity, and the Kings passed it up.

While this offseason may look good on paper for the Sacramento Kings, they really had a quite a few bright opportunities that they chose not to pursue. With that being said, this offseason was still the best they’ve had in years, although that really isn’t saying much.