A Few Benefits For Selling A House In Probate

In selling a house in probate, let’s go over what probate is. According to a Denver Post article, “Probate is the legal process that is used to transfer title of property from the decedent to his or her devisees (named in the will) or heirs (if there is not a will). All wills and intestate estates must be probated, but the degrees of court involvement and complexity range from simple and inexpensive to complicated and costly.”

If you’ve recently been assigned as the Personal Representative who has been appointed to liquidate the assets involved in the estate of a loved one who recently passed away, selling a house in probate is going to be a common problem most Personal Representative have to face. Although the situation of probate is very emotional with many moving parts, many sellers in probate are able to solve their problem in a much easier fashion than they thought.

Here are A Few Benefits to Selling A House In Probate

  • Offer with no contingencies

Quickly exchange your property for fast cash. Our company has access to funds that we can wire for the sale of your house today. This makes it easy for the proceeds to be divided among multiple inheritors. We know how to estimate the value of a property in any condition and produce an offer that will be satisfactory to all parties. Get a cash offer today when selling a house in probate.

  • No manual labor ahead of time

Don’t spend money to renovate the property with updating kitchens, improving landscaping, and overall cleanup. We take care of the repairs for you. In addition you wont be accountable for the liens, property taxes, and maintenance costs. If you’re selling a house in probate, do so without having to lift a hammer.

  • No Expensive Commissions

Avoid the hefty 6% commission charged by a local agent. You will get the total revenue from the sale when we buy the house. Avoiding the process of listing with a an agent will also save you time. Open houses, especially with a house that needs a lot of work, can be tricky to sell on the market. Realtors always ask too much so they can get higher commissions. And if the house sits on the market to long, it looses value and home buyers think that something is wrong with the property. If you’re selling a house in probate, do so without expensive commissions!

  • Fast and Easy Sell

Sell your property as is and at the date you want. Skip the step of applying for financing. We understand the probate process and know how to deal with any court obstacles quickly when needed. If you’re selling a house in probate, do so without the hassle of a prolong time when you can sell in 10 business days!

  • Selling to a House Buying Company

We are local home buyers dedicated to developing the city of Denver, Colorado by keeping the history and charm of a property in tact. We can help any seller in a tough situation like probate. We are the best option for people in a bind and stressed out of their minds. We have been trusted by hundreds of homeowners and can provide you with any advice you need.

If you’re a Personal Representative selling a house in probate, give Adam Buys Houses Company a call now at 303–558–5843 or fill out the form here to receive a no obligation cash offer and close on your time frame.