How Much Is My House Worth in Denver Colorado?

Home much is your home worth in Denver?

Think beyond the fact it’s a seller’s market and be realistic about your situation to find out what your house worth in Denver is.

“How much is my House Worth in Denver?” -Anytime you’ve asked yourself this question, are you asking to compare yourself to others or do you really want to know what your house is worth because you truly want to sell? There really is only one way to know what a house is worth and that’s when you sell. And how you determine that is dependent upon the type of traffic you get and most importantly what offers you get.

As of right now it’s September of 2016 and the summer is just ending. Real estate markets fluctuate and home values change all the time. Look back on the history of it. Renovations done to the home or not done to the home will have an affect on the taxes the neighborhood pays which then determines what’s going on with the school districts. That’s why you here that famous, “location, location, location” because that rule of thumb will never change. What if it’s not just the neighborhood but your neighbor themselves are hoarders?

Here are the 3 top ways to answer that question: “How much is my house worth in Denver, Colorado?”

1. An Appraiser

Although this is not a cheap way to go, now in Denver it’s an average of $400 within a 45 day window and $1600 if it’s sooner than 30 days, it’s a great place to start if you’re lost on finding out the free way through sites on the internet. Hire someone that is very experienced with the neighborhood. If you live in Denver, Colorado don’t hire an appraiser from Boulder, Colorado. This doesn’t they don’t know what they are doing it just means running comparables needs to be as accurate as a street-by-street basis. You also need to make sure you ask the right questions. You can use,, Google or the BBB to find somebody in no time.

2. Real Estate Agent

First things first, be careful of the pitfalls of using a Realtor that’s a friend or family member. Most of the time people like to use them because there’s a chance they’ll give them the discount or evaluate their house for free because they figure they won’t pressure them into a listing agreement. However, you get what you pay for.

Look for highly rated agents using Yelp, Zillow or Trulia and besides just inquiring, “how much is my house worth?” ask for a Comparative Market Analysis or a “CMA” to get the most accurate value of your home. A CMA consists of the real estate professional analyzing active listings as well as recently sold listings that are comparable to your property in the immediate neighborhood. Technology is such a valuable asset today and the report is free and should not take longer than 30mins minus anything else you discuss with the agent.

3. A House Buying Company

A professional home buyer does this for a living by determining the price of a home by what it’s actually worth. Whether it’s in good, fair or bad condition. Everyday, investors and home buyers are researching everything that is going on within real estate in their market. The study rents, development, zoning, history, values, demographics, jobs and the economy and even situations such as foreclosure, probate, divorce, derelict properties and the list goes on. Not only that but it’s who they work with that’s extremely valuable. Any truly professional buyer in Denver, Colorado is going to be working with general contractors, handyman, attorneys, title companies, developers, the county and city, appraisers and plumbers.

There’s much value in contacting a professional home buyer because they do not charge for their services. Even when it comes to an inspection. Most will have their general contractor there with them, not to beat you up on the condition of the house, but to save you time. So if you truly have a house you’re looking to sell, the worst that can happen is you say no to an offer after a 30–45min appointment on a Saturday morning. The funny thing that happens as well is sometimes buyers go on appointments to meet with someone that says, “I truly want to sell my house” only to find out after the appointment the seller just wanted to see what number they would offer. It happens but that’s the risk investors are willing to take. No hard feelings in wondering what your house worth in Denver is.

If you’ve ever had a hard time trying to know what your house worth in Denver and would like to share tips and your experience, please don’t hesitate to comment below to help future home sellers make the process much easier!

Adam Buys Houses is a professional home buyer in the Denver, Colorado. Whether you have a house you’re need to sell today or are considering a sale at a later date, give us a call and see how it is we can help. There’s no charge for our services. Call 303–558–5843 or fill out the form here to start the process and answer, “How Much Is My House Worth?”

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