Sell Your Home As Is in Denver — The Quick and Easy Guide

Don’t stress over selling your house quick… we have a solution for you!

This guide will quickly run through how to sell your home as is in a quick and easy way.

Sell your home as is without a realtor has become more of a trend today. It is the fastest way to sell a home and you are not required to do any work to the property. Along with that you can avoid paying hefty realtor commissions. Finding a buyer can be easier than you think, there are hundreds of buyers in your neighbor hood that can easily be found online. Read below on the 5-step process on how you can sell your home as is.

Evaluating the price to sell your home as is:

The price must reflect the problems that the property has when you sell your home as is. For example if the home needs foundation work there has to be a deduction for the cost of this repair in the asking price. If the home is priced low enough you could create a bidding war, especially in a hot market, which could let you walk away with more equity. It is just dependent on individual situations.

Often times sellers who pick an asking price based on what their neighbor sold their home for but there are a few factors often over looked. Make sure that the homes you compare your house to are with in a one-mile radius from your home, the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms, with very similar square footage, and sold with in the last 3 months tops.

This average price can give you a pretty clear indicator of what your house is worth in the current market. Find this information easily with a quick search on Zillow. However to get the most accurate value of your home it is best to call an appraiser.

Be careful when talking to a realtor about the value of your home. They can tell you to sell your home for top dollar in order for them to get the most commission possible. This can lead to your home sitting on the market for several months.

Marketing your property to sell your home as is:

There are two strategies you can use to market your home. You can take the time to list the home on the online databases like Zillow or Craigslist. Be prepared to get a lot of crazy calls and emails if you choose to go this route. Set up a separate email account and phone number through Gmail and Google voice in order to keep it separate from your personal accounts.

Another route you can take is setting up a For Sale By Owner sign in your yard and around the neighborhood. Easily find these signs at Lowes or Home Depot.

Finding the Buyer to sell your home as is:

By marketing you can wait for the right buyer to come to you however you can easily skip the marketing step by actively seeking a buyer yourself. Easily find hundreds of homebuyers in your neighborhood through a quick Google search.

The best ones to work with are the ones that answer their phones right away. They will immediately answer any of your questions and ask you about the condition of the home, your situation, and reason you are selling. Be honest of the condition so it will not hinder their interest. These cash buyers buy fixer uppers in order to repair it and turn it around to make a profit, or possibly turn it into a rental property.

Cash buyers are sometimes the only way to sell a home as is. Often times sellers run into issues with the homebuyer who are borrowing or using a loan to purchase the house. The lender then has the right to fail the inspection and cancel the sale of the house until the condition is repaired to their standards.

Negotiating a Contract and Price to sell your home as is:

Most purchase agreements that buyer’s use will be contingent on an inspection. The buyer will have the right to move forward with the property or walk away depending on how much the repairs will cost. It is up to you to setting up a home inspection prior to putting your house on the market. That way the buyer is not blindsided by any unknown issues.

As the seller it is always your choice to set the terms of the sale — it is up to the buyer to accept or not, but there will always be the negotiation for the best “win-win” situation for the seller and the buyer. It is also important that the words “As Is” is spelled out in the purchase contract along with any disclosure of known problems otherwise you may be liable for failure to disclose.

Closing the deal to sell your home as is

The seller chooses to sell on the date they choose and the buyer can be flexible with the date. To find the full process of closing on a house go to our video here. But once all the title work is all cleared, you just have to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. No work, no hassle, no realtor commissions, at a closing date that works for you. This route for selling your house is great for fixer uppers, along with people in probate, or when inheriting a property, moving out of town, pre-foreclosure, divorce, becoming behind on payments.

Whatever the reason is for selling your home you can contact Adam Buys Houses Company to get more information by calling 303–558–5843 or click the link here and fill out the form.