CNA Week 7

Oklahoma City Thunder Co-owner Dies in Car Crash

The part owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team, Aubrey McClendon, died Wednesday when his car crashed into a concrete bridge pillar according to ESPN. The day before, the Department of Justice charged McClendon for rigging energy bids. Police say that McClendon had plenty of time to correct his vehicle but still hit the pillar going over the speed limit and without wearing a seat belt.

Atlanta Falcons Release Roddy White Before Contract End

ESPN reports that the Falcons released Roddy White, a receiver for the Falcons, two years before the end of his contract. White said that he still wants to play in the NFL for a few more years. The team did not talk to White about changing his contract to stay on the team.

Cleveland Browns Alex Mack Ends Contract

Alex Mack, a center for the Cleveland Browns, voided his contract with three years remaining to become a free agent reports ESPN. According to Mack’s agent, it is possible that he might return to the Browns. If Mack returns to Cleveland, he would renegotiate his contract and could become the NFL’s highest-paid center once again.

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