Liberty PR Ideas:

  • Liberty’s Beliefs and Convo: Liberty could issue an internal and external statement expressing that they do not necessarily agree with the views given by convocation speakers.
  • Current Status of Construction: A story on the current construction on campus and where they are in relation to their $500 million expansion
  • Incoming Changes Next Semester: An internal notice on how Liberty will be changing its student leadership next year so students are better informed.

What is news?

News is any kind of information that people would find important, useful, interesting or necessary to their daily lives.

News Releases: (From Coca-Cola)

Coca-Cola Earnings: Coca-Cola is planning to release its first quarter financial results for 2016 April 20. They will also hold and investor conference call on the same day. After the event a downloadable file with the information will be available on the company’s website.

Rebranding Sodas: Two of Coca-Cola’s sodas, Hansen’s and Blue Sky, are getting rebranded and relaunched. The new branding is meant to be a throwback to the sodas’ original logos. The company acquired the brands last year from Monster Beverage.

Refranchising Territory: Coca-Cola has given Swire Coca-Cola permission to extend its bottling of Coca-Cola beverages to more areas in north-western states. This is part of the company’s effort to refranchise more. Coca-Cola has now refranchised about 45% of its territories for bottling to other companies.

Increased Dividends: The Board of Directors of Coca-Cola will raise the annual dividend for the 54th time for this years dividend. In 2015, Coca-Cola gave $5.7 billion in dividends to shareholders. The board also elected three new Senior Vice Presidents.

Coca-Cola Foundation Donations: In 2015, Coca-Cola donated $84.5 million to almost 300 different organizations. The money is going to organizations in over 70 countries to help different issues. Some of the core issues that grants will go toward include empowering women, water and environmental initiatives and general well-being.

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