A Book Every College Student Needs To Read

For being a college student, I have came across a lot of contentious teachers over the years. Whether if it is from them being stubborn, as in embedding the ‘my way or the high way’ mindset, to even the teacher that seems like their objective is to just get a pay check and go home, rather than to teach and help their students prosper. None the less, teachers are humans too, and like all people on this planet, we all have our flaws.

While our flaws may not be direct by any means, some, if not most, of our flaws come from real world occurrences. For instance, a main chunk of the book ‘Professor X’ talks about his journey on how the road to becoming a college professor is a tedious one to say the least. He mentions on how he would work full time to just earn a part time check, to even how him and his wife got into fights over the troublesome profession. To say the least, teachers do not get the credit that they deserve.

The book, in my personal opinion, is a must read. Not only does ‘Professor X’ give the behind-the-scenes look on what college professors go through on a daily basis, but it really just opens your eyes up to the world in general.

The best part of the book is hands down the literary flow the author uses through out. From the alliterations to the metaphors and similes, it flows like a poem, but reads like a novel. Given that ‘Professor X’ has a degree in English Literature and even proclaims how literature is his passion in life, there ceases to be a dull part of the book.

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