San Mateo based accelerator Boost VC had its latest demo day on Thursday April 19th. Adam Draper Boosts head and son of long time VC, Tim Draper introduced the next batch of promising start-ups.

Adam Draper introducing Boost VC

Cohort 11 (or Tirbe 11 as they call it) was heavily invested in VR, with a couple of Crypto plays (as you may expect from the Drapers) and a rouge but very impressive BioTech startup. Below area few personal highlights.

Listen Notes: Listen Notes is a podcast search engine that uses both text and audio search to find whatever you are looking for in the podcast world, including topics, individuals, companies, events etc.

What I love about this, is I have this problem regularly. I want to find interesting podcasts by topic not necessarily by producer. Listen Notes solves this problem. (

Stream Loots: Stream loots enables gaming streamers (on twitch) to monetize their efforts with interactive loot boxes from their fans. On the flip side, it enables fans to interact in a very personal way with their favourite gamers.

Here’s how it works, a gamer creates personalized cards, for example: A card that forces the streamer to dress up in a silly costume for the rest of the stream. Gamers create a whole host of cards which are packed into loot boxes for fans to buy. Some cards are very rare, whereas others are pretty common. Fans can collect and use these cards when they like during a live stream. Once used, an alert pops up on the live stream informing the streamer to the card.


Apex Officer: Apex Officer feels like such a natural use of VR, one wonders why it hasn’t been done well before. Apex uses VR to train police in a variety of scenarios including dangerous and life threatening ones. Using interactive scenarios, sensor enabled weaponry (Tazers, guns etc.) and a human trainer providing the voice of the bad guys Apex is providing a life like training tool to police forces all over the US, as well as some arms of the military.

I had a chance to play multiple scenarios, including a routine traffic stop, home invasion and an all too real school shooting. With the trainer (in this case TJ, one of the founder) changing up the scenarios on the fly and adding his own flair to the voice, it was a memorable experience, and one that I could see having a huge impact on law enforcement in the US and around the world. (

NextBiotics: Nextbiotics is a biotechnology platform that engineers viruses to serve as cures for the greatest global health challenges. Their first product reverses antibiotic resistance in humans using a novel approach combining phage therapy with CRISPR technology.


There were 20 amazing start-ups in the Boost Tribe 11 cohort, above are just a few I got to play with. If you are interested in any (customers or investors), please reach out and I will make an introduction.

British, Australian living in the Bay area. Loves all things Tech!

British, Australian living in the Bay area. Loves all things Tech!