What to write?

I have been wanting to write on Medium for the past few weeks but I have struggled on what I should be sharing here. It’s not that I don’t have ideas but I have been torn on what and how much I should be sharing. on Linkedin, I have been mostly writing about Customer Experience and related topics as that is what I have more experience in however I feel like on Medium where I don’t have an established audience (yet) I could have a different voice.

So here we are.

What am I to write?

Should I share my personal story, my origin story so to speak?

Should I write some of the fiction that I have kept stored in my brain?

Should I write about my life experiences? About my relationships? About being a husband and a father?

Should I write about my adventures abroad? Should I be truthful or embellish?

Should I write about my goals, my ambitions?

Should I write about my successes?

What about my failures?

How much do I share here, how much do I hold back?

I want to write, I want to share.

Where do I start?

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