Super Affiliate System Review — How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Welcome to our Super Affiliate System review, i will give you a look at what John Crestani’s product is all about.

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Looking at the picture, you can see there’s a LOT of content, and it’s all great!

You WILL get campaigns that are PROVEN TO WORK.

Seriously, you can copy and paste what John Crestani has done, and start seeing amazing results.

You also get access to a private Facebook group, where there’s people consistently making $100-$1000+ days with affiliate marketing.

Super Affiliate System 2.0 — “Course Materials”

Targeting Data — This, alone, is worth the cost of Super Affiliate System alone…

You will get buyers data in a bunch of niches, for you to make lookalike audiences from on Facebook/YouTube/Google Ads.

This is just crazy!

NOBODY will ever give you this sort of jumpstart to start affiliate marketing.

Ad Swipes — Proven to work ad campaigns, that you can copy and paste!

Paste the ad on Facebook/YouTube/Google Ads.. and start making money.

I know how unbelieveable this sounds but its literally true..

Also, the training hasn’t even started yet, and you already have so much more than what you paid for.. IMO!

Presell Pages — If you have ClickFunnels, You will have access to Johns high converting landing/presell pages. All you have to do is click “import”.

If you don’t have Clickfunnels, I HIGHLY suggest you get it.. I can connect a domain, and create a lead capture funnel that converts at 60%+ in literally 10 minutes.

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Affiliate Networks — John Crestani will recommend his favorite affiliate networks.

Seeing as John Crestani is widely known in Affiliate Marketing, You will get accepted into these networks, simply because you were referred by John.

Ad Networks — John’s favorite ad networks.

Plus, how to receive 100’s of dollars worth ad spend..

Are you realizing how under priced Super Affiliate System is? This may be the best deal of your life, to be honest.

Super Affiliate System Review — System Setup

The first video recording of week 1, is focused on setting your targets.

Some individuals may feel that this is foolish, if you’re one of these and you’re interested in skipping this training video..don’t.

Personally, i love these types of frame of mind videos, because Personally i think like they make an enormous difference.

Definitely watch it.

You’re also heading to understand how to become listed on affiliate systems, how to create your site, how to create your presell web page, your facebook advertisings and how to really use affiliate networks.

Much like all modules, working out is organized in video recording format, and it’s really all very detail by detail.

Some modules will have 1 training video, some will have several.

Even if you are a complete starter, I assure you, just how that John shows can certainly do it.

Week 2 — Understanding the system:

The first training video here’s called “STEPS TO MAKE Six Figures WITHIN YOUR First Calendar year” which i’m sure will get everyones attention.

John is actually describing the difference between spending so much time and working smart, and provides a perfect exemplory case of how everything works.

After that, we will learn what 99% of men and women miss. Super important video recording that everyone must see, unless’s very improbable you’ll ever be successful.

There’s a number more mindset products within the next handful of videos but Personally i think such as this Super Affiliate marketer System review has already been getting kind of long and i’m no where near done yet, so i’ll just leave it there!

Week 3 — Marketing Skills

This week will frighten some individuals off when they first begin, but it’s one of the main skills you can learn, if not The main skill.

The facts?


IT ISN’T as difficult as you believe that it is, especially not just how John is educating it within his 17-step copywriting formulation.

You’re also heading to understand how to optimize advertising, as well as how to do advanced marketing.

Week 4 — Facebook & Google Ads

This week, you’ll learn all you need to learn about Facebook and Google ads.

It begins of with Facebook advertisings training, and you’re also heading to understand how to remain Facebook advertising compliant (so this means, you learn what you should do in order never to get banned!)

From then on, you’ll find out about some important metrics you are have to to learn of, such as “cpm” “ctr” etc.

It’s super simple, and you will understand everything when you’ve observed the video.

From then on, it’s off to Google Adwords, which section is substantial. You’ll learn all you need to know about how precisely to create as here, including how to proceed with your getting pages etc.

Week 5 — YouTube & Native Ads

Week 5 starts off with John instructing you around three different native advertising sites that you could work with.

I’m going to be completely genuine here: I’ve never done local advertisements myself by yet, therefore i can’t really say much about any of it. It appears very in-depth, and you simply get pre-made swipes/images/everything you will need to basically duplicate and paste an effective ad.

From then on, comes one of the best area of the whole course:

YouTube ads!

This video is merely mindblowing.


Because John will basically offer you HIS ENTIRE PLAN.

As in, you are going to see just what keywords he’s focusing on and spending 1000’s of us dollars on, and creating a 100–500% come back on every day.

You can use his best doing advertisement videos yourself, and simply replicate everything he will.

I’m not making any promises, but if John can get 100–500% roi on a regular ought to be in a position to see some fantastic results as well, since there’s no think do the job. You can actually duplicate 100% of what he’s doing.

Absolutely insane.

Week 6 — Scaling & Automation

So you received a winning advertisement, now what?

That’s what John will speak about in week 6.

How to range your promotions from perhaps $100/day earnings to $1000+/day.

You’ll also understand how to crush it with “survey funnels” and you’ll see a few case studies.

Week 7 — More Advertising Campaigns

This complete week is focused on establishing accounts with different affiliate marketing sites, such as Bing and LinkedIn Ads

Week 8 — Implementing THE SYSTEM

John begins with coaching you the right state of mind for success, and then continues on to instruct you all you need to learn about researching a distinct segment, discovering the right offer, picking a joint venture partner network, how to networking effectively and understanding objective.

Week 9 — Advanced Software & Tools

This section is not uploaded yet. When it’s, i’ll make certain to revise my Super Affiliate marketing System review using what it covers!

Week 10 — More Affiliate Programs

This section in addition has not been published yet, but predicated on the name i’m presuming John covers more internet marketer programs that you can become a member of!

Optimization Diaries

In this particular section, you’ll understand how to optimize indigenous ads

Ready To Launch Campaigns

The madness remains..seriously.

Remember can certainly make money told you you are getting focusing on data etc, and exactly how wonderful that is?

Well, in this section, you are getting..well, prepared to launch campaigns.

You could LITERALLY pick the available niche categories here, that happen to be:

Once you click some of them, you will be presented with all you need to basically replicate and paste a whole campaign.

Here’s a good example:

There’s more, but I couldn’t fit everything into one screenshot.

The thing you should know, is that is ridiculously valuable.

Video Archives
You can view the old 12 week course here.

Live webinars — Every Fri At 6pm EST

There’s a web link in the participants area where you can join the future webinars that John will number.

Every Fri at 6pm EST, he’ll sit back with Super Internet marketer System customers and also have them ask every questions they could have.

You can visit the webinar yourself and have your questions live, and John can help you out.

I’ve attended a number of these, plus they all previous for 2–3 time. Also, they are always saved, and are available in the associates area under “Watch Webinar Replays”

That about amounts up the complete course and my Super Affiliate System Review!

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