The Value of Instagram Story Takeovers
Gary Vaynerchuk

Great piece! Totally agree — the ability to collaborate on Instagram stories without having to disclose login information (Snapchat style) is a huge advantage for Instagram and anyone who wants to collaborate on creating content together (i.e. friend with another friend, brand with a celebrity, etc.).

One of the most interesting things to watch will be to see if the introduction of Instagram Stories slows the recent trend of brands (that are already on Instagram) from creating an additional presence on Snapchat (like SoulCycle has done here) -some could argue that it’s probably easier for a brand’s digital marketing manager to learn how to use a new feature (Instagram Stories), rather than signing up for and learning how to use an entirely new platform (Snapchat).

In my mind, although Instagram stories provide similar if not the same exact functionality as Snapchat Stories, Snapchat’s lack of user-discovery features has kept friend networks smaller and more intimate than Instagram. In this way, both platforms produce 10 second vertical video clips, but one platform (Instagram) includes my grandmother as my follower and the other (Snapchat) does not.

This difference in audience makeup is important because it means that I (and probably a lot of other multi-platform users) would still generate different styles of content on Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories. It will be interesting to see how brands react and adapt to both platforms as time goes on…