3 Ways to Redeem your Prayer Life, Reject Fear and Anxiety, and Experience God

Tell me if this sounds like you, because it sounds like me a lot of the time. You know a lot about God but to paraphrase what J.I. Packer says in his book, Knowing God, do you know God and are you known by Him?

Sunday, we’re in-tune with learning what God has given our pastors to show us out of the Bible. We catch up with friends and enjoy meeting a few new faces. We lift our hearts up to God as the band leads us through songs that express our adoration for everything he has done for us.

We feel close to Jesus because we’re applying His Word on Sundays. We’re doing what he has called us to do! But for the most part it all seems to unravel Monday through Saturday as we undertake the weekly grind at our ridiculously fast-pace.

As things begin to happen to you, you react in fear and anxiety. You snap back when you feel someone criticizing you. You have a bump on your body that you know isn’t supposed to be there, so you’re in fear thinking it could be cancer. You’re worried you’re going to be late for an engagement or meeting and you don’t want to deal with the consequences or having to explain yourself with excuses. You’re anxious because you have a ton of bills and you have no idea how you’re going to make it through next month. You’re fearful because every time you turn on the news there’s a new terrorist attack and they keep getting closer to home. You’re anxious because you think maybe God has forgotten you. You’re anxious because you have to get ready for a test and you’re totally ill-prepared. You’re worried that if you don’t finish school you’re going to be ruined and never find a job. You’re worried about hitting your quotas and goals at work.

The list continues to grow and we don’t have a good way of reacting to these scenarios that life throws at us. Have you ever heard a saying that goes like this, “the bigger your view of God the smaller your problems appear?”

AW Tozer wrote a book called The Knowledge of the Holy. I read it for the first time in Bible College. It blew my mind. Every time I opened this little book every worry I had became irrelevant in light of the grandeur of God and the depth of his being. The book talks about the attributes or character traits of God.

And I think in light of these traits, we can have an experiential relationship with God we’ve never had before. This is part of our knowing God.

Here are 3 ways we can battle fear and anxiety in our lives and learn to grow in our knowing God:


When you’re stressed about finances, think about God’s words in Hebrews 13:5, I will never leave nor forsake you, representing the character trait of God being all-loving and providing for your every need. Jesus says he clothes the lilies of the field and feeds the birds of the air, but you are of way more value than they because you bear his image! We should tell God, “I don’t know where this money is going to come from but your character is that of love and you said you won’t ever leave me nor forsake me, so I’m going to do my best to trust you, Lord. Help me to trust you.”

Good Shepherd

When you’re fearful about a lump or some other sort of dis-ease, think about God being the good shepherd who cares for his people because he loves you and his eyes never ever leave you. You can tell God something like this, “Shepherds care for their sheep and you are my Good Shepherd who walks beside me and cares for me. You gave your life for me. I’m going to trust that you care more about me than I do.”

All-Knowing, Sovereign, All-Powerful

When we’re in fear over world events and acts of terror, we need to deflect that fear to God and dwell on the fact that not only does he know everything but he holds, orchestrates, and controls the world and all its affairs in the palm of his hand. We should tell God how in awe we are of his power and control, and thank him that he actually chooses to be tender and loving toward us and promises to work all things together for good in our lives. In light of knowing that God flung the stars and galaxies into existence, and causes our hearts to beat without fail, and commands the sun to continue giving light and heat, is just mesmerizing! When you think and dwell on this, doesn’t terror seem insignificant in light of how awesome and extraordinary our God is?

There are so many other ways we can practice applying the character of God. But this is definitely a way to help us get from knowing about God to experiencing him in our everyday lives and actually knowing God as we are known by him.

What ways do you growing in knowing God? We’d all love to hear it in the comment section below!

Originally publish at www.redeemorreject.com -Lifehacks for redeeming life, rejecting what doesn’t, and opening eyes to the real Jesus

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