I had so many mixed emotions watching the debate tonight. But for me, the most important moment was early on, when the Muslim American woman (what is her name??) asked the most poignant question: How can all of us feel welcome in this country?

I thought HRC’s answer was pretty good. Trump’s answer sparked the hilarious but also horrific hashtag #muslimsreportstuff

It’s been less than a century since millions of my ancestors were slaughtered in Europe because of our religion. I can scarcely imagine what it was like for Jews who’d felt safe in their countries and communities suddenly to fear for their safety, and ultimately their lives.

We American Jews owe American Muslims our support. We both have been on the receiving end of hate from Western society. We are all children of Ibrahim. There are longstanding differences between us, but we also have centuries of peaceful coexistence we can (I pray) fall back on.

At Yom Kippur services this week, many of us will practice full prostration. I have to admit that I’m a little jealous that we don’t include this in our daily prayers anymore. Nonetheless, when my forehead touches the ground in a few days, I’ll be praying that we will again find our common humanity. Insha’Allah.

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