5 tips to improve your online experience

Stoic philosophy was an invaluable aid to Greeks and Romans, who both lived in a world that was extremely harsh in numerous aspects. However, it is also a philosophy that can be vital today, helping you navigate through the chaos and noise in the world we live in.

What would the original Stoic philosophers think about the internet today? While it is difficult to imagine Seneca walking around with his smartphone or Zeno teaching students over a video call, we see many clues in their teachings that show us what they would think of these technologies.

It is important to…

How to improve your YouTube SEO

One method to get more eyeballs onto your YouTube videos is to improve the video’s SEO, so that it ranks higher in search results, both on YouTube and Google’s search engines. To do this, add relevant keywords to the video tags, title and description. But how do you know which keywords to add? A common way to find out is to use the YouTube auto suggest feature. By typing in a keyword into the search bar, YouTube will suggest other, similar keywords and phrases that may be appropriate to use.

Search suggestions without a wildcard
Search suggestions without a wildcard
Without a wildcard

Here is a simple but great tip for improving your…

A summary of his Stoic Discourses

The ancient philosophy of Stoicism was practiced by people at the very top of society in the Roman empire, from powerful advisors to the very wealthy and even the emperor himself. However, one of the most important Stoics came from the opposite end of the spectrum. Born into slavery, Epictetus was later granted his freedom. He then devoted his life to philosophy, lecturing in Rome before setting up his own school in Greece. His teachings were written down by one of his pupils and much of that work survives to this day, known as the Discourses of Epictetus.

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

Epictetus begins…

How to solve impossible problems

The concept of “upstream thinking” has helped me to solve a wide range of problems when growing my YouTube channel, ranging from small issues to large showstoppers.

Upstream thinking involves taking an existing problem and going upstream to solve a different issue, which renders the original problem irrelevant.

Take this simple dilemma for example.

When I created a poll on my channel asking viewers which country they were from, I was stuck with YouTube’s functionality that only allowed me to provide a maximum of five answers. For a channel with viewers from 193 nations, this was a simple problem that…

What a beggar taught me about behavioural science

In his book, One Plus One Equals Three, Dave Trott tells the story of a beggar who understood the power of behavioural science and used this knowledge to his advantage.

Unlike many other beggars, he didn’t just put out a basket in front of him to collect money with a message requesting donations. Instead, he put several baskets out, with the name of a different religion written on each one. Then he wrote on some cardboard, “Which religion cares the most about the homeless?

He utilised the competitive nature of humans wanting to show how compassionate their religious group is…

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