Upstream Creative Thinking and Second Order Effects

How to solve impossible problems

Any YouTube poll is limited to 5 answers
Prompting the viewer led to lots of comments

A bigger fish to fry

As my videos are about personal growth and self improvement, a much larger issue I had was how I was going to get big names with large followings in the personal development space to share my videos online, despite not having a marketing budget. Without the ability to throw money at it, once again upstream creative thinking was required to resolve this tricky situation.

Second Order Effects

When solving a problem it is important to be aware of second order effects, even when you are not going upstream. The idea of the second order effect states that every action has a consequence, and each consequence can have a subsequent consequence.

Making a thumbnail stand out can increase the chance of it being clicked on
Similar styled thumbnails are easy to spot​​​​


Some problems are impossible to solve directly. See what you can solve by refining the problem. As a result, it may fix the original issue. However, be aware of any potential negative consequences that come about from solving the problem and make sure the drawbacks don’t outweigh the benefits.

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