Actually, Gary Vaynerchuk, You Owed Me That $10

So the other day, @GaryVee did something amazing. That’s really nothing new though. After all, he’s built his very successful business on leverage — Always trying to give just a little bit more than he receives.

A couple of weeks ago, he sent out an Instagram post asking his followers if there was anything he could do for them. I was already about 5 beers into the evening so I was feeling brave. I tweeted him back and asked if I could borrow $10 and he said yes!

So I sent him an email with my address and he promptly responded by CC’ing his assistant to send it.

This wasn’t the first time he has ever asked his fans/followers this question but it was definitely the first time I took him up on it.

Obviously, I don’t actually need the $10, but I just had to see if he would actually do it — but to be completely honest, I expected him to 100% from the very beginning because this is the kind of thing he does all of the time, and a big reason why myself and so many other people are such big fans of his.

Anyway, the money showed up just a few days later.

But now that I think about it, this makes us even.

You see, in Episode 71 of the #AskGaryVee show, you made a joke saying, “It’s the Ask Gary Vee Show, not the I’m Giving You a Statement Gary show” to one of your employees who told you they had a question, but it turned out it wasn’t much of a question.

You then asked another employee to register the domain

Well…not to be that guy, but they didn’t do it.

So, I went ahead and grabbed it for you back in February 2015 and then redirected it to your Twitter profile.

So…I had your back. You had mine. Let’s be friends, k?

(the domain did expire earlier this year but I went ahead and renewed it with my new $10 fortune and it now redirects to your website)