Adam Jasinski, the winner of the CBS reality show “Big Brother 9,” by a vote of 6–1 (2008)


All Glory To GOD! Period.

I credit my faith as the driving force of my success. I read the Bible cover to cover while participating in Big Brother (CBS TV Show). Doing so gave me depth. Yes, I strayed from my faith before and after and slipped up but the beauty of faith is the forgiveness that comes with it, so long as you’re willing to accept it. When I got my head clear again, all of the things I’d adsorbed while reading scripture came back.

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“ I know that I never want to go back to where I was, and that desire has driven the course of my life and allowed me to discover the patterns and tips I’m going to share with you now. “ -Adam Jasinski

Adam Jasinski Presentation for the Kids at Mylife West Palm Beach
Adam Jasinski and James Patterson 2017 BookExpo

Adam Jasinski is now an addiction recovery consultant and professional interventionist in the fields of mental health and substance abuse.

“I Love Helping People, We all make mistakes …I just want to make sure they don’t make the same mistakes that I did or even worse overdose on somebody’s couch somewhere and die and not even have the opportunity to comeback and live their life.” -Adam Jasinski

I released a book titled My Kid’s On Drugs, Now What? which is a resource for parents on how to guide their child down the path of long-term sobriety after rehab.

SECRET#2 Routines

Routines are a recovering addict’s best friend. By repeating a productive, enjoyable schedule, good actions, become habits. The schedule doesn’t have to just consist of big things like going to work, going to the gym after work and attending support group meetings, though all those things are vital. JOIN A FREE WEBINAR With ADAM NOW

Backstage Seminar keynote interview

I will be in every state in the United States doing seminars ,promoting the book and helping so many parents get their family back on track in 2018. I’m want to guide them through the journey…They are the heroes..I’m just the guide. The path of long-term sobriety is not an easy one..But IF I can do it! …So can they.

SECRET #3 Aware of Being Aware

My Therapist taught me that I need to try and observe my life from above, if you will. To imagine my life as a walk through a valley of trails.

Every decision or change will take me down a new path. — Tweet this!

One small decision today can take me down more treacherous paths in the future, down path that eventually lead to the edge of a ravine.

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SECRET#4 Get Up and Wear Yourself Out

Because I am a bipolar maniac, I have to get out and get active to get down that excess energy. If I don’t come home at night feeling nicely tired, I start to get stir crazy and yearn for action.

SECRET #5 Reward Yourself when ( When It’s Earned)

I take time to reward myself. But I don’t just go spending Willy-nilly. I plan ahead to treat myself when I can. that way, I don’t break the bank and I have something to look forward to.

These Kids Out There Got You! (RANT)

Adam Jasinki
Author, Interventionist, Public Speaker, and Professional Consultant. On a mission to help families as well as those battling drug addiction and mental illness.

New Book Available by Adam Jasinski

The BooK: (2017) My Kid’s On Drugs, Now What?
The Only Complete Resource for Dealing With The Devastating Disease of Addiction. Author: Adam Jasinski JOIN THE FREE WEBINAR NOW

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Author, Interventionist, Public Speaker, and Professional Consultant. On a mission to help families as well as those battling drug addiction and mental illness.

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