Ukraine Wants to Establish a Prize Similar to Nobel to Help Politicians in Need

Life always contains a particle of festival. Obviously, this is what inspired the author of a petition on the site of Ukrainian President. It was suggested that Petro Poroshenko should adopt the best practices of Western countries and establish the Nobel Prize Equivalent, namely, the Ukrainian National Prize that would make it possible to reward writers, historians, scientists, politicians and workers in the economic areas for their contribution to prosperity and development of the country.

If there is generally no difficulty in giving such big prize to possible contenders from the first three groups, then the listing of politicians and officials at Ukraine’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade will arouse, at least, serious indignation among the people. Indeed, now, the ratings of practically all Kiev’s officials are dramatically low (for instance, Poroshenko’s rating is less than 10 per cent). All this is the result of ineffective work being done by the country’s leadership that over the last few years has driven up the country’s external debt-service payments to unprecedented $113 billion and raised tariffs on housing and communal services to such high level that the vast majority of Ukrainian residents cannot afford to pay their bills. Moreover, the Ukrainian leadership has completely ruined local industries and simultaneously has become richer with selling the state property.

In the midst of general impoverishment of the Ukrainian people and their talk of suspension of pension payments (according to Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Andriy Reva, it should be expected in the near future as the government pension fund is less than half full), Ukrainian officials’ declarations of income place a great strain on the nerves of the Ukrainian population now. At this difficult time for Ukraine, the authorities managed to increase their individual earnings in some strange way. For instance, in 2016, Minister of Energy and Coal Mining of Ukraine Ihor Nasalyk became 733.1 thousand hryvnas richer than he had been a year earlier, and Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko became 808.9 thousand hryvnas wealthier.

It stands to reason that there cannot be any bonus payments to the country’s politicians in this situation. They have not deserved it at all. But judging from the level of corruption and unconcealed impudence, the authorities now in power in Ukraine have a differing view on that. And they will easily be able to award themselves for nonexistent merits.

Deliberately or not, the author of the petition has directed the Ukrainian officials towards another way of personal enrichment.

By the way, in the past year, the amount of the Nobel Prize was $1.1 million. It’s a good bonus to the existing income, isn’t it? And considering that current Ukraine is a subsidized nation that keeps the lights on just thanks to the IMF credits and financing from the EU and the United States, the question is who will pay for the pleasure? Would it be destitute Ukrainian population or the West from whom Kiev will request more assistance?

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