The sound of Blairite silence
Paul Mason

What a genuinely apauling piece of paranoid bleating. For a start if you don’t want to use Blairite as a pejorative, why not come up with an alternative term? What’s wrong with ‘centre-left’? Of course you can’t use that term because it exposes the rationality and reasonable populism that line of politics has — one that might actually win a general election. Has done, in fact.
Instead you begin by blather about a conspiracy* of right-wing media who are plotting to protect Smith by failing to deeply investigate him when it’s obvious that — thanks to the Momentum conspiracy (fair’s fair)—has no chance in the leadership election, so there is little public interest in the man (especially amongst the great British public, who will never even have the opportunity of voting against him).

Hence your real plea toward the end — that Labour moderates should expose themselves and tie their own hands now so that they’re easier to attack after Corbyn’s nod from the troops, and upcoming reselection purge.

I, for one, hope the Economist is right and a split has a better chance in this post-UKIP era: They’ve got one thing right — Corbyn is a poor politician.

*Conspircay — the word favoured by alien spotters and UKIP enthusiasts.

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