This Is My Biggest Fear
Gary Vaynerchuk

I’ve always been a pretty reserved guy. Solid and always executing when necessary but not particularly putting myself out there. I always relied on people eventually realising how good I was rather than shoving it down their throat from day one. Doing this, throwing that knock out right hook, was my fear.

I have never quite fitted the mould. I have always been good at public speaking but in the past I have allowed people to put fears in my head. There seems to be an insistence from many that you must practice a speech or performance prior to the real thing. I have always stunk in these ‘mock’ situations, my thought being, ‘why am I wasting my energy here?’ All through my life I have observed, listened, thought it through and then executed. I have rarely failed rising to the occasion.

Now I am putting this all together. Using the years of skill and experience and putting myself out there in a big way, with no fear. In video and in digital, where truly my heart has always belonged. Photography school is in session from September. I’m Adam…….This is First Man Photography…….


Ps……Car journeys and the Gary Vee Show haven’t hurt me. Thanks Gary.

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