The Vulnerability of Sharing

Two months ago, I created something on a whim. A letter depicting the top questions asked when someone finds out that I’m colourblind. The build up to releasing that article weighed heavy in my mind. Would anyone read it? Would it resonate?

The response from friends and family was overwhelming. A modest number of people read it, but the way people engaged with me was what struck me. I was able to reconnect over the article with people I hadn’t spoken to in months or years.

Several posts later, I began to focus my subject matter within the realm of personal and professional development. My credibility is limited only to my personal experiences in life. My reflections on the shit life throws at you and how I tend to deal with it. Not necessarily how you should deal with it, but a framework for what works for me. The intention is to spark a discussion.

Over the last 10 days, I’ve written a blog on happiness. I reworked it several times. It felt wrong. I’m a happy person, but once again — who am I to dictate the habits that’ll make you happy? I drink water, walk places, focus and listen. Yes, I do these things, and yes, they make me happy. But, I don’t know… maybe dehydration, sedentarism, disorganization and ignorance shape your happiness.

So, when I stepped back from that article, it didn’t feel right to me. I felt like an imposter. How ironic…

I’ll go back. I’ll rework that piece on happiness. I’ll explain my views on the difference between happiness and pleasure. How pleasure is fleeting. How it escapes you and leaves you wanting more. How happiness is lasting, and requires cultivation.

I’ll write an article on how I practice Reiki. And another on the worst questions I get when people see my tattoos. Maybe I’ll write something about my reasons for covering those same tattoos at work.

Each one of these pieces will expose another vulnerability, but I’m coming to terms with that. Writing requires honesty to be great. And that’s a lesson I’d rather learn sooner than later if it helps me refine my craft.

Medium is full of people claiming credibility to support their remedies for what ails us. I’d rather tell you my stories and hope we draw some learnings from them.

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